Staff group is a special group, where all teachers of the organization belong automatically. Teachers can See the Good in the context of the staff group. Teachers can also give individual feedback to other teachers.

Staff group is automatically created for all organization that have joined 2022. Older organizations can enable it easily with these instructions. Any organization can also disable Staff Group feature anytime.

1. Go to Manage organization


2. Switch on the Staff group in Organization settings

group_en1 copy_png.png

3. Group is created

You can navigate to the group from the group switcher (1) or the staff group button (2).

Staff groups are visible for all the members of the group in the group switcher (1).

group_en1 copy 2_png.png

4. Renaming the Staff group

Name of the staff group can be changed in the staff group settings. Few ideas for your staff: Ciputra adults, Faroe crew etc.

group_en1 copy 3 2_png.png

5. Moments can be posted as to any other group

Step-by-step guide